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Here at Sick Chirpse HQ we’ve been keeping a close eye on Fifty Shades of Grey developments,and I don’t know about you,but I’m still hearing and reading dried up old frumps bang on about this shitty book…and possible fucking film. It’s like everyday; online,in the streets,on TV; it just won’t go away and die. But we’re doing our best to help the haters here at Sick Chirpse,and hopefully we can contribute to burying this book once and for all.

A few weeks ago we brought you Fifty Shades of Shit,soon after that we introduced the Fifty Shades of Andy Gray Twitter,but today we have something a little more fun and user-friendly.Untitled-1 copyAllow me to introduce you to the Fifty Shades Generator,a website that describes itself as a ‘breakthrough in erotic fiction’,and that ‘at the click of a button,it generates world-class literature based on a pre-defined vocabulary.’ Who could disagree with that when the first thing you read on the site is -

‘Within no time,I could feel the shitty baby gravy sliming from my mavis fritter and all over my spam castanets. He arced a giant stink pickle on my cans just so he could chow down on it like a bulldog eating porridge. After having my birth cannon pounded,he then proceeded to hammer my mavis fritter. Inserting a foot-long fudge bullet into my cod canyon got me pouring minge monsoon faster than snot off a whip. The thrusting makes me eject my fallopian fish stock all over his gristle missile.’

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Hooters Girl had Cellulite!

2011-03-26 15:20:37 by PissedConsumer

Ok. I have been going to hooters for years now, and the last time I went, this girl had some cellulite on her right butt cheek. I Mean COME ON! What am I paying for here? Also I have noticed lately that the sweater puppies have been getting smaller, but the butt looks like 2 bulldogs rassling around under a tarp. Also I noticed at the one in Bmore that all the chefs are Beaners. Beaners are known to carry TB and Hepatitus, as they are generally dirty people. So Now we have small ***, Big Butts, Cellulite, and filthy beaners. I think I will now take my business to the strip club up the road. Someone said they have alot of hanging pastrami there.

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"Fans send me things all the time — I've had sweets and bracelets and someone once bought me a French Bulldog, but I had to turn that one down because my mum, whose business is making cakes, can't have dogs in the house.

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