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American Bulldogs bite force

English Bulldog Bite Force

Images of White Pure Breed Bulldogs

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| Bite Force of the English Bulldog |

It's difficult to measure bite forces of specific canine breeds since the same dogs can change so much their bite force, a reliable experimental testing for bull dog bite force is difficult to lead.Animals in the World English Bulldogs I don't think that the Rottweiler has the more powerfull bite, often are myths or misinterpretations rarely are realities.Bulldog Pictures The bite of an English Bulldog may be very vigorous for their size.British Bulldog Photos They were selected to maintain the bite onto a bull muzzle and not stop to catch for a long time. The structure of the bulldog is varied to be a funny companion dog but the massive jaws and the big head is still a characteristic of bulldogs. So the test over english bulldog bite force arrived to measure over 700 lbs, one of the most vigorous biting force of canine breeds. However the pressure in different from a bulldog to another.

| bull and dog bites |

Dog bite laws are enacted to protect people and properties. Dog attack can happen for different circustances, also dogs that are judged calm and docile. Lots of variables provoke dog attacks. A beated or scared dog might bite or a protective mother with the litter. If a dog attacks is necessary to take note of biter. A dog attack bite may provoke injuries and the emergence hospital for treatment. The treatment depend by the type of biting to use stitches, staples, or skin adhesive. For Stray Dogs is compulsory the medicine for rabies. A dog attack is a psychological trauma for the bitten person and for the handler. In USA more than 4, 000, 000 persons are bitten by dogs every year. The Missouri legislature enacted a law in 2009 to vary dog bite prescriptions.

| Tests about dog breed bite force |

There are different tests published in internet:

dog breed Bite force Test 1

1) Wolf bite force was 406-1800 lbs

2) German Shepherd bite was 238-750 lbs

3) Turkish Kangal was -350-714 lbs

4) tosa inu was 556 lbs

5) Rottweiler bite force was 328-350 lbs

6) Wild Dogs bite force was 317 lbs

7) Alapha blue blood Bulldog bite was 305 lbs

8) karelian bear dog 245 lbs

9) Pitbull 235 lbs

10) dutch shepherd 235 lbs

11) belgian malinois 135 lbs

dog breed Bite force Test 2

Mastiff Bite force 556 PSI, pounds per square inch, Mastiffs are desrcibed in egyptian documents since 3000 B.C.

Combattimenti Bulldog Inglesi Photo Ambience English Bulldogs Bulldog Image Girl Images of Animals English Bulldog

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